RE/MAX Hometown's

 2013 Holiday



The Holidays are upon us. They creep up fast. Starting today, November 30th through December 9th.  We are reaching out to everyone to ask for donations for kids and families that are struggling right here in our local community and school's of Magnolia. We ask if you can donate any items in need, or one can of food, or one dollar, It all adds up to make a huge difference in someone's life who is struggling.


Please drop off any items to:

RE/MAX Hometown at 7214 FM 1488, Magnolia TX 77354


Items that would be a great help to these kids and families:


1. Grocery Store - Gift Cards

2. Store Gift Cards - (for a kid to have a Christmas Gift)

3. Snacks - (tote bags will be filled and taken home, so the child does not go hungry)

4. Can Goods or any non perishables food items.

5. Toiletries - (soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo and conditioner etc.)

6. Clothing Items - (socks, underwear, jackets, gloves, scarf's, etc.)

7. NEW Toys - (elementary aged kids , grades pre-k through 5th grade. Ages 4 -11 approx.)

8. Stocking Stuffer's - NO CHOCOLATE please.

9. Cash or Check ( Checks made out to RE/MAX Hometown )

10. Any other item you think would be a blessing to families and most of all the kids!!


***Thanks for your willingness to help out the cause.***


Starts today November 30th and runs until December 9th.


 Many thanks and many Blessing's to you and your family !! Thank you from the bottom of our Hearts.